MN001: Leadership & Motivation Techniques

Contrary to the old thoughts that the leaders are born, now it is confirmed that the leadership can be attained by individuals through guidance and reading. It is particularly vital for management personnel and others to develop their leadership and motivation skills for achieving their goals either in their careers or personal lives. This Course will help you to get the necessary skills and knowledge in leadership and motivation as well as decision making.

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MN002: Managerial Economics

In modern businesses right decision making determines the sustainability of a business as the opposing forces such as; competition, rivalry, price undercutting and corruption could make the business to fail unexpectedly. For taking right decisions, the managers need to depend on facts and other tools and knowledge of Managerial Economics is a dependable tool if used effectively. Getting knowledge and skills in the subject will be an excellent thought for management personnel and those who seek entry in to such positions. The Course will equip you with good knowledge in managerial economics and empower you to make right decisions for the business.

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