LG001: Import & Export Management

With the increasing globalization intended by various governments, it is a parallel need for the import / export activities to increase proportionately and in turn the need for professionals who are qualified and skilled in import and export activities. As such, gaining qualifications and knowledge in import and export would be of great advantage for those who are already in the industry or are planning to join as a career. This Course will help you to get the necessary skills and knowledge in import & export as well as across a variety of related areas. The Import & Export course gives you skills that you can put to immediate use. Whether you are expanding your business into the international market, starting a business or simply looking at working for an international trade company this course will quickly teach you the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the import – export trade

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LG002: Logistics Management

Supply Chain & Logistics has become an important and mandatory operation in modern world of commerce and industry. Being one of the fast evolving discipline in recent years, it has become vital for the personnel involved in the sector to upgrade their knowledge and skills to match the competition in the field. The Course will also benefit those who are seeking employment in the sector as the presentation of the course has been designed to allow easy grasping of the material and develop skills at ease. The Program covers forecasting practices, planning, procurement, transportation, warehousing, stores and logistics.

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LG003: Procurement Management

Procurement and its lower action of Purchasing are the initial activities of Supply Chain function in most of the businesses. With much of the organizational budget allocated for this function, it is an ever on-going task of businesses to appoint right personnel for the procurement departments in order to ensure proper & most efficient handling of limited funds. On this context, the procurement and purchasing personnel in organizations must have right knowledge and training to fulfil their duties and this Course has been designed exactly for the purpose. This Course will help you to get the necessary skills and knowledge across a variety of related areas ensuring that you will be able to handle your job with ease & professionally.

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LG004: Shipping

The shipping industry is one of the oldest activity and is the life line of international trade and account for nearly 85% of the global trade. As the globalization is increasing the shipping industry will increase in multi folds over time. It would be a good idea to get a qualification and knowledge in the industry by those who want to upgrade their skills as well as those who seek entry into the field.

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LG005: Store Management 

Store Management plays a greater role in present business activities and acquiring strong knowledge and skills is essential for those who are already employed or are seeking employment in the sector. This Course will help you to get the necessary skills and knowledge across functions and variety of related areas in Store Management.  The Course delivers insight into; Store Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Inventories, future trends and many other related activities.

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