Media Science

MS001: Journalism

With its foundation in liberal arts, Journalism course is built on basic and advanced composition skills and all types of communication. The course focuses on fundamentals of journalism, writing skills, grammar, critical thinking and interviewing techniques. Having a qualification in the subject will be an ideal for job seekers in the sector as well as those who are employed but thinking of moving upwards in the career. The course will introduce the cutting edge technology in the field and how it relates to the media in journalism. This Course will also help you to get the necessary skills in writing, publishing and editing for the web, content management systems and online formats a variety of related areas.

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MS002: Photography

Photography started as a hobby and then diversified into work, business and entertainment with time. Today it has become an essential activity in many sectors of economy such as; advertising, fashion, publishing, marketing, technology … etc. With continuous technological development, it is growing into an essential field in the modern economies. Getting a qualification and skills in the subject will be an excellent thought for job seekers as well as those who are employed as photographers but planning an upward move. The Course will equip you with good knowledge in photography enabling you to succeed quickly and successfully.

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