Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC&QA)

Course Code: CM007

What is Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and quality control are both crucial concepts in terms of production to ensure a company’s products or services are made effectively and in a manner that they are expected to perform when put to use. If they’re not, then customers may be dissatisfied and business will be lost. Quality assurance processes are put in place to provide some comfort that the end product is what is envisaged by the user. Quality control is making sure that the end product really is what is required.

More precisely stated, Quality Assurance and Quality Control are two very closely related concepts where,

  • Quality Assurance is a process focused concept, where the processes are put in place to ensure the correct steps are done in the correct way. If the correct processes are in place there is some assurance that the actual results will turn out as expected.
  • Quality Control is a product focused concept, where checking of the actual results is done to ensure that things are as expected. If the correct controls are in place you can know for certain that the actual results have been achieved because the actual results have been checked.

Considering an example to understand these concepts, take production of a certain brand of biscuits. Quality assurance would mean setting up the processes necessary to prove comfort that the biscuits are produced to the exact specifications printed in the wrapper of biscuits. Ensuring there is a process to test the composition in the ingredients used, a process directing where the quantities of permitted preservatives, colorings and other ingredients measured. Those processes would be considered quality assurance.

Quality control would be the physical, taste and food tests that take place throughout the process to ensure that the quality assurance processes have been followed and the customer does in fact have the exact biscuits as expected. Visual inspections throughout the process, reviewing the results of the various tests performed, these would all be quality controls performed.

Scope of Work of Quality Control & Quality Assurance Professionals

Scope of Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA&QC) personnel are wide and varied on the particular field of production. Below are some of the scope of QA&QC personnel which are common to all industries;

  • Preparing QA manual, control and supervision of all amendments and revisions, QA/QC Reports. Implement, Control, and monitor all activities related to Quality Management System (QMS),
  • Maintaining QA/QC documents of the projects including certificates, calibrations, test results, inspection requests, non-compliance reports and site instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered and other QA/QC documents,
  • Issuing Internal Non-Confirmation Reports (NCR) or Site Observations. Responsible for the closure of Non-conformance, NCR and Site Instructions, (SI),
  • Being responsible for the quality and workmanship of every activity, thorough knowledge of all phases of engineering or construction relating to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Production, Electronic, Architectural and Structural disciplines interfacing the multidisciplinary operations,
  • Preparation of Method Statements,
  • Liaison with authorities, agencies, inspection bodies including the consultants,
  • Conducting regular production site surveillance,
  • Verifying that the quality related activities are in accordance with the applicable codes and standards,
  • Elaborating inspection and test programs,
  • Monitor all quality related activities,
  • Performing all internal and external audits,
  • Attending quality management meetings,
  • Reviewing quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements,
  • Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of the quality management system,
  • Recommending and implementing improvements when required,
  • Coordinating all quality related correspondence with all related personnel,
  • Monitoring statistical method reporting,
  • Acting and closing all customer complaints.

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