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Course development strategy of Academ-ED is based on the principle, “Gaining professional knowledge and skills without barriers” and accordingly the courses are designed to deliver the latest, useful, practical and industry required content to individuals around the globe. This effectively ignores obsolete, absolute and inapplicable content thereby delivering comprehensive but up-to-date courses to the participants.


Academ-ED is continuously developing programs and courses in all the fields of professional and career activities. The course listing in the Web site is not comprehensive and if the visitors are unable to find their course/s of interest, they are requested to inquire about the courses / programs of their interest by filling up the Contact Form available in the ‘Contact Us’ page of this Website.


Academ-ED courses and programs are developed with career minded individuals in mind and all efforts are taken to deliver the best available courses at very affordable prices to participants. Academ-ED uses all available methods and means to deliver the course material to needy participants thus effectively breaking all barriers. 

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Career requirements and challenges are changing rapidly today than ever before and are poised to change more swiftly in the future. It is with that concept in mind, Academ-ED has developed CEPTEL program, “Career-Enhancement-Process-Throughout-Employment-Life”, to enhance and maintain the knowledge & skills of course participants up to date after completion …….

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Save the Tiger

Saving the nature being of prime importance passivity of Governments and ignorance of the populations, the nature is at the mercy of few short-sighted individuals and entities. Awareness campaigns and whole hearted efforts by governments, organizations and wealthy individuals could affect a reverse effect on this annihilation of our natural heritage. Academ-ED wishes to be an effective force in this regard. More news of our actions will be in the near future.


Academ-ED is currently gathering information and knowledge available in this relatively new frontier in human knowledge. For this purpose, it is looking into works of knowledge from all round the globe and accessible by normal means.
The knowledge may be in the forms of; Published papers, Journal entries, Research papers, Books and other Publications containing articles in the field.

Solar Power

The world is at a very slow pace in harnessing this vast and (almost) never ending energy source. 
Great amount of research is needed to develop efficient, economical and sustainable technologies and Academ-ED is currently contemplating in setting up a program as an initial step towards achieving greater knowledge and knowhow to develop technology by searching and acquiring available knowledge in the field.



All the Courses under the category, ‘Construction Management’ are now under promotional discounts. The discounts vary from course to course but are generally under 50% on average.
The promotion will end on February 20, 2018.
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New Courses

Academ-ED is introducing new Courses and Programs frequently to suit the industry requirements and the needs of the clientele. A new category under ‘Education’ will be introduced in near future which will satisfy the needs of the individuals who are in the teaching profession. Few courses are under preparation at present and will be launched after due review.

Existing Courses

Academ-ED Courses and Programs are regularly updated to reflect the latest knowledge in the respective fields.  This process of constant addition of new sections and elimination of sections which are outdated and no longer required by the industry segments is a unique feature of Academ-ED Courses. Thus the participants are assured that the material they get is modern, latest and in-line with industry requirements.